The “Long Run Effect”


All laws in nature have a material and yet a spiritual implication. In particular, the law of cause and effect has a precise meaning. Everything that I am illustrating here is connected to the primal principle that I am an eternal being living a material experience. So the essential awareness is that I am a Spirit in a biological body which will continue its path after the material life.

Responsibility on a material plane weighs on a consciousness level, which everyone has – even the worst-behaved person – but often does not listen to it. The fact that a person does not listen to his own consciousness does not mean not facing it one day. The responsibility arises at the moment you are making a choice, considering the type of choice that you have made, you influence the level of your responsibility by increasing or decreasing it.

Therefore, responsibility takes over at the moment you make unconscious choices. Choices that can damage someone else, the other of you. The words from an evangelist give us a good way to look at things: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” (Luke 6:31) If every human practised this, life on this planet would be amazing and glorious right after. Unluckily – even if I am definitely sure it is not about being lucky – the material life, specifically the type of society in which we live leads us to an immoral and egoistic vision while the universal vision is always a moral one. Worrying scenarios in the spiritual field are opening up as result of a lack of responsibility.

To deeply understand what I’m referring to, it is important to relate this to the law of cause and effect. Every action has an influence on my own life as well as on all other people who gravitate around me. They can be part of my daily routine or simple coincidences, which for now I will refer to as casual.

Visualise for a second a pebble thrown in a lake. Touching the surface of the water, it causes a system of waves which expand from the point of the impact to where the pebble expresses its strength on the liquid. Since the water is a liquid, you can clearly see the waves moving from the point of the impact to the external area. The water acts as a sounding board and that’s why it is possible to see the vibrational movements, in other words, the circles.

Actions act in the same way. Every action that has been done creates a number of effects, whoever is in the range of the waves is – even against his/her will – influenced by this strength. In real life what happens is that we are able to watch the visible effects, those that are close to us, but not the long run effects. Another example to clarify the concept: if I am the cause of a negative effect regarding someone, this effect does not only touch the person. Indeed, this person is part of a family unit and for sure he has friends who love him. If I have damaged someone throughout my action, the repercussions of it will involve everyone that is around him.

Here the “long run effect” that is not always visible but for which we are always and, in every case, responsible is explained.

What we call “accidental” is never “accidental”, it is always – indeed – an effect which is the result of a cause. Nothing happens by chance, we live in a material world dominated by specifics laws. Most of the time what we can’t explain is the result of forces we do not yet know. But not knowing does not entail not existing!

Since I do not believe in a God that will punish me for my actions in the afterlife and believe neither in a hell nor in a heaven, the most pertinent question now is: what will happen to all the people out there who are playing against the good of others? Considering the law of cause and effect just explained, what is waiting for them will be an eternity of the effects of their actions towards others.

Humanity believes in a justice that used to be called “divine”, linking the term to a superior power that will equally judge. But the reality is that God will never judge any of us, but we will judge ourselves not by the mind we now have – which always tends to justify everything we do – but by our true conscience.

But it can be a million times worse than a hell, it can indeed be an eternity of deep suffering and sorrow because you will put yourself before the implications that your actions have produced. The material life is a breath compared to eternity.

In the light of this vision, I invite you to act consciously, to be wise, to always have in mind the “long run effect” because what we build here is what we will live afterwards!


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