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Meaning of Life: An Individual’s Search
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Extinction Now: What, where, who & how?
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Meeting His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama
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A New Story for Humanity – Dr. Serge Beddington-Behrens
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How right-winged is Europe?
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I’m not a Computer! Ben Arslan und Alec Whittier
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Eating Breakfast Helps You Lose Weight
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Matter of view: Tenerife
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The Major Reasons for Road Traffic Injuries in Nepal
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Mindful Eating
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q/Talk: The EU General Data Protection Regulation
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2023 in review: Israel, Ukraine, China, USA and the European Union
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A Special Guided Tour through the Dolce Vita in Tehran
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Great anticipation
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What is homeland? The political battle about a term
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Alpbach talks: Civil rights in the digital age
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I am disabled!
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Innovation Policy: Swim or Drown
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Julia’s Been Knitting Everywhere – Since She Was Six
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First impressions of China
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The Hope, the Dream, the Beginning.
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Self-healing and Self-destruction – Part 2
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King (König), emperor (Kaiser), cardinal – a Viennese legend
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Daily Spiritual Practice – New Things Need Time to Prosper
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Peace, Education and Self-Initiative – To Make the World a Better Place
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The Fairy Tale of the Fairy Tale
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“Political Correctness” – Appropriate Social Interaction with One Another
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1968 – the Impact to Date
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The Be-All and End-All of Balances & Prospects
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The Rise of Political Crowdfunding
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Michael Lüders: He who sows the Wind …
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Why Vienna (Austria) is no longer so different
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Never Ever Trust a Relocation Company
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Universal Basic Income (UBI) Taiwan – Ping Xu
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Understanding the Brain and Knowing the Self
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Russia-Ukraine conflict: Reviewing the odds for a major crisis
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What it Means to Be Syrian in Gaziantep
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Complex Trauma – the Slow Poison
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It’s about us, Ukrainians – Inna Meteleva
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The “Cobra Gypsies”
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Who wants more Success in School – A new Success Story in two Parts
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Russian Elections 2018: Putin -“Candidate of the People”
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China – Saving Capitalism?
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The Politics of Humanitarian Intervention
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Why I Think Drug Education is Necessary
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Project Sao Bien – Schools for Vietnam
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Stop the Police State-Protection Law
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Law of Attraction vs. Subconscious Mind