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Teddy can't neither wait
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Friday, 12 August 2016:

My name is Cosima D. and I live in Vienna. I am 11 but soon 12. This is me when jumping for joy:

Jumping for joy

This is my very first report that (hopefully) many people are going to read.

I love writing a diary – that’s why I know how this works here.

My favourite colour is light green.

And I am pretty looking forward to travelling to Greece with my mom soon!

I love planning in advance. Anyway, I have so many plans in my head at times. My mom often tells me to “live more for the moment and not too much for the future”. But I enjoy painting plans in my head since I am so fond of doing things in the future. Sometimes I paint my ideas down on a sheet of paper. And when I show them to my mom, she says that I have “good visions”. I think she means something like having “a plan in my head”, so how things or actions are looking like in the future.

For this vacation, I had already prepared everything one week in advance.

I am really looking forward to this trip to Greece. I have not been at the sea for such a long time! The last time I remember was in Croatia with my mom.

My checklist of things which I must have in Greece is getting extremely long. Every single hour I think of something new to take with me. I hope I will not forget about anything!

Checklist on the cupboard

My mom packed her things only one eve before we were leaving. This is what I cannot understand at all?! So I am quite surprised that she has not forgotten about anything …

We are flying to Greece. I am rather scared when I think about us flying because so many airplanes have crashed recently. I heard about this from the news.

But I am looking forward to this trip toooo much 🙂

Five days to go! – I cannot wait anymore!

And my Teddy neither:

Teddy can't neither wait

The weather in Vienna recently is way too bad. We even have to turn on the heating. I hope that the weather in Greece will be better. Now I am just asking myself how I could imagine Greece in my head. Will it be very different to Croatia? My mom was in Greece recently and sent me some nice photos from there – that’s why I can figure out at least a bit what it must look like there:

Must be something like this

Now I am going to finish this report and will tell you soon more.

Thanks a lot for liking this article though.

Yours Cosima D.


Image Title Author License
Must be something like this Must be something like this Anna Dichen CC BY-SA 4.0
Teddy can't neither wait Teddy can’t neither wait Anna Dichen CC BY-SA 4.0
Checklist on the cupboard Checklist on the cupboard Anna Dichen CC BY-SA 4.0
Jumping for joy Jumping for joy Anna Dichen CC BY-SA 4.0
Cosima D. Cosima D. Anna Dichen CC BY-SA 4.0