Peak Endrule

The Peak-End Rule

How and what do we remember about our experiences? What does the Peak-End Rule say? Here you can read about it.

Gnosis - Illuminati

The Gnostic Worldview

Innate intelligence and a connection to nature, according to Gnostics, ensures the progressive evolution of humanity.

The powers within us

The Powers Within Us

Emotions and thoughts. How can we accept and live happily with them? Here is a small exercise that can make a big difference.


The Varna System

Our knowledge of social history is not based on fact but is rather based on a mixture of interpretation and misterpreatation.


The Wind of Fate

My time in London allowed me to widen my horizons considerably, which allowed me to become open for new experiences.

Spirituality in motion

Spiritual Arrogance

To think that every tragedy serves a purpose, relativises other people’s suffering and insults with the demand for gratefulness.


The Caste System in India

Since ancient times, the caste system has prevailed in India and, despite attempts to reform it, it is still a reality in modern India.


Draupadi: A Feminist

Enjoy reading about the interesting character of Draupadi who can be regarded as one of the earliest feminists of Indian origin.