A New Story for Humanity – Dr. Serge Beddington-Behrens


We need a positive vision for our future.

In a world where everything runs faster and faster and where people want more and more of everything, it is important to decelerate for our inner and outer well being. To deal with oneself and the opening or healing of the heart. Sounds esoteric? It doesn’t have to be:

The psychotherapist and spiritual teacher, Dr. Serge Beddington-Beherens, sees the healing and opening of the heart as the solution to many problems of humanity. Alone the fact that you take the time to deal with your heart is a big step towards healing. From early childhood, we learn to work with our brain, but we do not learn how to deal with the center of our body, the heart that guides us and has an enormous influence on our feelings and actions.

Now there are different ways to deal with injuries to the heart and to heal them: Dr. Beddington-Behrens distinguishes between the western and the eastern type of healing. In the west, psychotherapy is primarily concerned with the past and the wounds that lead us back to our past, e.g. to childhood; one tries to work them out and to become healthy through discussion.

Far eastern healers, on the other hand, concentrate on the here and now. The past does not play such a significant role.

We are in the here and now and we are as we are, and that is a good thing.

Through meditation, for example, we could attain inner calmness and healing without unrolling the past. Convinced of both approaches, Dr. Beddington-Behrens – who also completed a shamanistic training – works in his therapy with a combination of both: he combines classical psychotherapy with meditation and other “spiritual” forms. As a guest in Vienna’s coziest fireside lounge, he talks about his career, dealing with crises and why it is so important to develop a positive attitude towards oneself and life:

(Translation German-English: Anna Dichen)

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