Universal Basic Income (UBI) Taiwan – Ping Xu


Born in Taiwan, Ping Xu decided at a young age to leave her homeland; she lived in China for several years and then 17 years in the USA.

As a translator, she encountered the idea of the “Universal Basic Income” and since then, she has been highly committed and actively participates in many international meetings for a global Unconditional Basic Income.

She believes that the UBI is not only a national but an international necessity, because people around the world have the same problems.

Whether in Asia, America or Europe, with increasing digitization and robotization, many people will fall into poverty. The activist has spoken to many people about their experience of homelessness and the degradation that goes with it, especially as a woman.

Dependence on jobs causes many people to abuse themselves and accept jobs that do neither good for themselves nor generate social added value.

Now she is happy and her decision to put her energy into the global Unconditional Basic Income fulfills her completely, and she really has the feeling she is finally doing the right thing in life. She talks about the propaganda news that China spreads about Taiwan and Taiwan about China. As a result of her extensive travelling, she realises that human beings the world over have the same problems to overcome, regardless of the kind of political system – it is always about oppression, abuse, fear and division of society¬†… human beings should be at the centre of attention so that we can all live a comfortable life.


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