100 Stunden Lesbos (One hundred hours on Lesbos)

100 hours Lesbos

During one of the many nights I spent on the beach, looking out for boats, I made the acquaintance of Manuela Felderl (journalist) and Matthew Weißenbacher (camera operator). As we all sat around the campfire, we got into a conversation. I learned that the two were going to stay in Lesbos for only 4 days – 100 hours – to shoot a documentary.

I was very impressed with their project and also really loved the fact that they were not as pushy as other journalists.

I recently got to watch the movie “100 Stunden Lesbos” and was very pleasantly surprised by what they achieved in such a short time.

The film offers a very good and truthful insight into the variety of situations that take place in Lesbos. The special thing about the movie is, that it is composed of interviews with people who were helping at location.

For me, this film has very great personal value, because I associate some very special moments with it. When I saw myself in the movie, it was like being back there – all the emotions and thoughts I had had in that moment resurfaced, and I had to hold back my tears.

The film is currently shown in some movie theaters in Germany, Austria and amongst other places, South Tyrol.

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