Do you not hear your vegetables screaming?

A friend recently told me about an outrageous incident: she was in the zoo, in the enclosure of the miniature pigs. The children, who should have been learning about the unknown animals, were running around cheerfully, squeaking delightedly about how cute the animals were, stroking them and wanting to arouse the interest of their parents too:

Look, mummy, look daddy, so cute!

While doing so they took a bite from the schnitzel burger which they were holding in their hand…

But this was not the full extent of the abomination: not so long ago, I visited some friends who are vegetarians. They showed us how they lovingly nurture their flowers and plants on their balcony and speak with them – and afterwards we were in fact served vegetable casserole and a tomato salad. Disgusting!

From now on I will only eat meat from animals which died peacefully, fruit which fell from trees – hence become a fruitarian and a scavenger. I will no longer consume plants as I would have to pull these out of the ground or deprive the mother plant of the fruit of her womb in the most awful manner. Consequently, no longer will a poor creature have to suffer. After all, everything that lives has feelings – but this is not clear to many people.

We have to develop much more compassion, to become much more sensitive. Crop protection has to join animal protection. Someone who no longer wishes to look after their potted plants because they do not have enough time will not simply throw them to the rubbish but rather should please take them to the plant shelter where a loving owner will certainly soon be found…

Yes, I know that many will now say that this is an absurd idea: there is an enormous difference between the plant world and the animal world; something completely different to the presentation of a huge gap between the human world and the animal world.

But let me tell you, this is merely self-deception: every onion can make you cry. And why? Because the onion simply does not want to be brutally murdered, does not wish to be mutilated. The onion is screaming for its life but in its own way. You only have to listen carefully and take a closer look. Does a flower not bow its poor head sadly when it is being ripped out of the ground?

It is sad to see how many innocent plants are killed off in gigantic masses, only grown to be eaten. Can you really take responsibility for this? Stop the murdering and join the movement of the scavenging fruitarians! We are the future. And one day everyone will be so sympathetic to creation that they will no longer harm any living being. And make do with what falls down or which simply drops down dead (people too – we are no different from any other living being, are we?).

Take a closer look at the head of lettuce: it was cut off! Beheaded! The lettuce has suffered a terrible injustice….Entire corn fields scream in fear when the harvester comes. We just do not hear it. We are deaf and blind to this fear and to the pain that we cause. Because we like our vegetable stew with corn pie so much.

Yes, enjoy your food, while the lifeblood of the murdered inhabitants of this planet runs out of your mouth…


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Naturaleza_muerta_de_tristeza_(7630159186) Naturaleza_muerta_de_tristeza_(7630159186) Matías Ávalos CC BY-SA 2.0