Islam needs reformation, then IS will fail miserably


Islam is a religion founded first of all on the Qur’an (referred to as Koran hereafter). It is the Holy Scripture which was dictated to the Prophet directly by God, according the Islamic faith. And in this document, there are no justifications for murder nor for spreading Islam by force or war. No more than what might be found in the Bible, at any rate. Therefore, the Qur’an is a source that can not serve as the “Islamic State’s” sole drive.

There is however another source, considered as equivalent by Muslims around the world. The Sunna, the documented life of Mohammed is considered a model for all believers. There is a provision (Sunnat) for every true Muslim to make their own life as close as possible to the life of the Prophet. What he did, you yourself should do. The way he lived, you should strive to live as well. Unfortunately, Mohammed was not only a peaceful preacher but also a murderous warlord. He killed at the beginning of the spread of Islam and had unbelievers dealt with, no differently than IS is doing now. This is the reason why it is so impossible to convince IS followers, that what they are practicing is not Islam. The reason being, it’s not true.

But there is hope. There are genuine reformers in Islam, such as the following:

These people want for the Koran alone to be the authentic source of faith. They regard Sunna / Hadith only as a historical accessory without determining significance for the present time. What is missing, is an Islamic Luther person who can spread this with enough popularity and authority. Then Islam, too, can enter the Age of Enlightenment.

Perhaps it would be better, instead of just railing against “THE Islam” to support these reformers of their religion? But probably – as always – what it takes will be someone to give their life for the renewal. A Muslim Johannes Hus. To expose to all Muslims the madness of the religious fanatics, arrested as they are in medieval thought.

And to make clear to the faithful that only the Koran is the source of Islam and the Sunnah must be seen only in its historical context. Then all traditions that make peaceful coexistence difficult can be stripped.

But promoting this is no task for followers of other religions or non-believers. It is an inner Islamic affair, and one that has to be met with the appropriate respect, at that.


Translation from German: Serena Nebo


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