Knowledge is the Fragrance while Wisdom is the Flower

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I was not the best student at school; the point is that I was not interested in the topics that were taught, so I was not committed to it.

After I graduated, I felt more free to put my attention to what I really liked, so I started to read a lot and I soon had a genuine passion for literature. I remember that I used to look at intellectual people with respect, I loved the way they were able to express their thoughts, it fascinated me. I saw in them what I did not have. In a sense, I admired them and wanted to be like them.

My desire was to learn how to express myself properly because I’ve always been enchanted by words.

My initial mistake was to consider “the knowledge” as something that is purely an intellectual process.

It is true that knowledge needs the mind to process information but knowledge is not only about acquiring information, it is more about giving a meaning to it and turning it into experiences.

I can read about mercy and, intellectually speaking, understand the concept, but this does not mean that I am a merciful person. This is the difference between being and appearing. Basically, at some point, I realized that reading was a good way to introduce myself to something but then, the next step, must be to put it into action.

My perception of things was changing, a concept which is well expressed was still charming to me but I needed to go further, deeper. My perspective developed.

I realized that intellectual people often hide themselves behind words and complicated phrases, and think that their thought has value just because it is well expressed. But knowledge isn’t about expressing a sequence of words.

The lightness of life is the key to achieving real knowledge and, therefore, you do not need complicated philosophy to understand life. You can reach your awareness by observing what is around you: the eyes of the person before you or the simplicity of nature. It is not something written somewhere, it is more about a feeling; suddenly you know a little more and it is not a product of the mind. Life gives us all the instruments we need, it is just necessary to learn how to look at things.

Once I was told:

Knowledge is the vital aspect of the teaching, while wisdom is the truth reflected in your Spirit, indeed, it is your evolution. So knowledge is the key to disclosing the wisdom that is inside of you. Knowledge belongs to the unreal, wisdom to the real. Knowledge dies while wisdom is eternal. Knowledge is the fragrance, wisdom is the flower. Knowledge is the painting, wisdom is the painter’s vision, the soul of the artist. To learn how to use the knowledge that is inside of you, means to understand the wisdom which is hidden. But wisdom cannot be achieved if your thought does not arise and this will not happen until you understand that unity means to share with others. Sharing is the key to wisdom.

In the beginning, my main focus was to achieve knowledge but then I realized that there was something higher: wisdom. The process is this: first, there is the thought which leads to action, the action brings knowledge which becomes wisdom if I am able to transmit it to my Inner Self.

Understand, knowing, learning is my passion. It is what keeps me up all night, what stills my hunger, what lets me forget about everything around me. It is the fuel of my life. Do you know why? Because knowledge has opened my eyes and I have realized that my life would have been so much different if I had known fifteen years ago what I know now. I do not pretend to have all the answers or to be so good that I can teach things to others, but as I have been told: I share.


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