Man, Wise up, and Read the Signs

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Another early rising and conversation accompanied by herbal tea. The subject is ‘cultural differences’ and homesickness. Today we are supposed to visit Barney Bush (Shawnee from the Ohio Valley, writer, teacher, political activist, one of my first mentors and friends in the Indian country from the old days) at his log cabin in Cuba/NM. Blackhorse wants to drive us there, and that means leaving at eight sharp. Tom just about manages to get into his pants, and I get a bit pissed off about the stressful start to of the day.

(From An Interrelated Reality)

Day 9, 11-06-02:

The days are rolling like the sand dunes, shifting information and perspectives. In the morning we took care of sending our daily “chronicle” through the wires. When downloading Tom’s emails, we received a message from my in-law Rob who informed us about the flood situation back home. Poisoned drinking water around the area where I was born due to spillage/floods?

And here it is as it is, you heard the story. Is anyone in charge awake? Or is it still not clear to people that we are in for some major changes?! If the idiots in charge were only destroying their own lives it wouldn’t be so bad, but what about the children and those who cannot hide out in villas, and force or buy their way out of trouble?! Man, wise up, and read the signs. My anger does not help, we shall prepare for ourselves and those who wish to live.

Met the guy today who is supposed to join us in Austria to give weaving workshops. He is young, but has grown up with the craft and seems to be very enthusiastic, excited and straightforward. That’s what we need. We are clarifying dates and arrangements, hoping it will work out. It is not as easy as some people think to build the much-needed bridge between the cultures, but it is worth it.

Attended a most interesting meeting at Diné College in the afternoon. We were tested out by the administrators responsible for “international affairs“, and they asked us in the most direct way about our intentions. Well, let’s see where this is heading. They liked our promotion tape a lot, and I am quite certain that a major project for the future is in the pipeline.

Will our own country/institutions/people realise the opportunities that are in this for both sides, and support us? You never know, but we are hopeful and do the best we can.

Ashley, my nine-year-old grandniece, was happy when we showed up at her little league baseball game in the evening. All those little guys playing ball in their matching outfits, the coaches/parents really into it, the kids don’t seem too sure what to do … Tom and I fully understand that we don’t have a clue about what’s going on in the game. Baseball … a mystery I do not care to solve. But Ashley was happy, and that is all that counts.

Went to dinner with the weaver and Blackhorse-4 tired guys munching on a Veggie Burger. Jay Leno and Franka Potente are drinking “Jägermeister” on the “Tonight Show“. Good night, Shash. PS: Never complain about Austrian TV. Sure it leaves very much to be desired, but have you ever watched the crap they serve over here??? I like the frequent car commercials, though … I WANT A 4×4 TRUCK FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 10, 12-06-02:

Morning. Sun rising. The wind has died down. The birds are back. One of them seems to be living in the half-dead tree next to the Hogan; it has begun to communicate with me. I step out of the house in the early light of dawn and it whistles. I whistle (not as nicely) in response. This continues for a while until the little-feathered being decides to land a short distance away from me, just looking, head tilted to one side – silently. Good morning.

Drove to the Trading Post near Farmington where we expected to meet George, the silversmith. As he was not present, we took the opportunity to check out the place. Wow, this is a journey into the past (and present) of the Wild West. All the stuff you could possibly need for a life out here is available. Food, feed, blankets, ropes, saddles, stoves, ovens, gifts, guns, building materials, clothes …

In the early afternoon, we make our way to Telluride. Through Cortez, Dolores and passed various little farming communities, the road climbs towards the mountain peaks. Along the river we drive quietly, musing about the apparent variety of scenery and climates. Within a relatively short distance, the world changes completely. Red to green, hot to cool, and poor to rich …

Telluride is a finer version of Kitzbühel. And some of the most interesting white Americans have their lodges on the slopes of the mountains. The “Telluride Institute“, founded and run by my old friends Pam and John, represents one of the most influential think tanks in the US. They are concerned mainly with environmental/social issues and create a number of events throughout the year, supported by various informative publications. We are in the process of constituting a tighter international network to exchange information and possibly work together in the future.

It was a good and productive time, and I like going up there as a contrast to the Rez.

On the drive back, I really had to watch the road, as many elks and deer decided to cross the road in front of our car. They are impressive – as big as horses. Late return through the silent desert darkness. I am so tired … Shash wishes good dreams to all.


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