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Nothing happens by chance, or rather, everything is a consequence of a law: spiritual, mental or material.

In this scenario, coincidences do not exist, because on this material level of existence, there are causes and effects. Every action activates a cause, which triggers an effect. It is never a coincidence that a Spirit enters into a material experience, it is indeed a choice. Precisely, we enter into a material experience for a purpose and this happens neither accidentally nor by chance.

Considering the expression: “nothing happens by chance”, logic leads me to “everything happens by choice”, so, I deduce, that each person is the creator of his own existence.

In the classical science, the chaos theory emerged when the scientific world could not find the correct instruments to explain the irregular and inconstant aspects of nature. What in chaos appears as disorganization, in reality is not, because randomness is not considered a coincidence but the consequence of the expression of a force.

Such a perfect mechanism prevails in chaos, that it escapes to the human perception and comprehension. There is a hidden logic which is analogical. With the term analogical, I mean something concealed, that it is behind the usual comprehension of a fact.

In this chaos theory, nothing occurs by chance, but rather all is submitted to a system which is irregular but it always leads back to logical behaviour that excludes chance and affirms the order of things. Nature is not in a static equilibrium in which freedom is excluded, but it is an organized system ruled by laws that regulate the process between order and disorder. Therefore the Universe is in constant transformation… evolution!

I think the greatest risk when you hear phrases like: “nothing happens by chance” or “everything happens for a reason”, is to slide (or fall) into determinism, which is inevitably linked to the concept of destiny. But if “nothing happens by chance” and destiny does not exist, what are the dynamics that determine life? Where do you place free choice? Actually this is the main prerogative upon which our lives are based.

The freedom of choice is the base that allows life to manifest itself. If this assumption were denied, automatically, it would lead to the obtuse idea of a Universe ruled by destiny, where at its peak is situated a dictator God.

But God is not a dictator, He is the true essence of Love. Only in pure love can you find freedom, which is actually the prerequisite to His vision of a project called: life. Yes, project. Because life is a project in which we all participate every day, through our thoughts, building our tomorrow.

For better or for worse, every second, every choice, every love, every tear, all of this is necessary to activate those essential forces, which lead us to gain the dimension of awareness, joy and serenity. When your true self thinks that you are ready, unexpected situations arrive and open the door at your new heart. This is the link in the communion, the reflection, the listening.

The body stops, the mind turns off, the heart starts beating faster, the God inside of you starts flowing from deep down to identify Itself with your soul. Here you find the reflection of a magnificent harmony that allows you to discover that God exists and He is within you. The more you let Him carry you, the more He guides you, losing the boundaries between the inside and the outside.

“Sacrifice” means carrying out sacred actions. May your thoughts be sacred. May your actions be sacred.

In fact, when your actions are moved by your heart, you do not need to search for God because God has already found you and recognizes you.


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