The Cyclic Nature of Events

Our Worlds

Has it ever happened to you that some events come back into your life, year after year, or even decade after decade? I realized this was happening to me only in my mid-thirties. Before that moment, I had been too busy trying to live my life to the fullest. But then, I slowed down so much that I started to meditate and discovered that I genuinely loved it. The magic when you slow down is that you actually begin to see things.

Every day you find yourself facing many things: things that come, things you’ve tried to build up, things that people have brought into your life; some things are brand new, while others come back from the past.

In the changing of the seasons, it happens that every season is a little different compared to the previous year; it could be a different smell, a different color, a different taste. The same can happen with an event. You may find it hard to recognize it because it is somehow a little different in some respects.

It is also necessary to consider that you are a different person compared to last year, that you have become more mature. Now, you have a different vision and a different basis upon which you consider events.

Your judgement is changing, but you are the same you who you have always been. The event you are facing is the same that occurred to you some time ago, it is dressed up a little differently but it is the same as before. Therefore if you reflect on yourself, it is not aimed at yourself but rather at the event you are observing.

You notice some diversity because you are watching from a different angle.

You are growing! Is it your knowledge which is growing? Not really. Growth in knowledge is merely the gathering of information. Here I am talking about perception, which is not something upon which you can elaborate, it is about feeling something more.

Today your perception is greater than yesterday. Today your vision is more open and so things appear more complex. It may seem that with your open vision things have changed.

Now, imagine that today is Sunday, and you are looking outside your kitchen window. Your gaze falls on the sky, then moves to the few clouds around. Children are shouting and playing happily in the garden. Today is your free day, nobody is in the house and you are enjoying your cup of coffee while looking outside.

There is a certain kind of peace within you, you are not thinking. At that very moment, you change your focus, and see a tiny scratch on the glass. Your first reaction is: “That was not there before!” In reality, that scratch has always been there; today your vision is amplified so you are able to see it!

You relate to things differently because things can not change themselves. The cyclic nature of an event is an intrinsic part of the Universe which can not be touched in any way, otherwise you would not be aware of your growth.

If two things move at the same speed, you do not have the tools to understand the change. In the same way as two trains on opposite platforms; when they meet, you do not know which one is moving and which one is stationary.

Events must remain the same over time, otherwise you may not see the change in you: morally speaking, intellectually speaking and from the perspective of sensitiveness.


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