The Triangle’s Law

Our Worlds

Over millenniums, during the passing of time, since human beings have achieved the ability to express themselves, they have tried to leave signs of their presence. To achieve this, various types of populations have always used symbolism.

Symbolism has a power that language does not. A symbol can be recognized universally while a language belongs only to a place.

English, of course, is an exception but this worldwide concept of a universal language is only a phenomenon of our recent history. In the past a symbol was a way to give a recognizable meaning to a notion.

The triangle is a geometric form that has a powerful meaning, especially when it is drawn with an eye inside. This symbol has always been considered part of an occult symbology. In my experience, what I’ve learnt is that, in the past, there were some “mystery schools” where knowledge passed from teacher (master) to student. For example, in ancient Egypt, it was difficult to get into these schools, only a few people were allowed to be part of them, because not everyone was ready to achieve a certain type of knowledge.

Students studied for years and constantly had to pass terrible tests where they could have died. In fact only a few of them were able to attend the schools until the end, and to become masters themselves.

Egyptians considered revelation as something to be taken very seriously.

The term “mystery” comes from the Greek word: “mystes”, which means: initiate. It is connected to the verb, “myein”, which means: preserve the wisdom.

So the idea of a secret society in the past was linked to knowledge and not to the idea of power.

Of course the two are related, but in the past this desire to control people did not exist, it was more about the opportunity to know: the Divine.

The concept of power associated to knowledge, in my opinion, was born with religions, and what is visible to all of us now, is that religions have more power than entire nations.

Religions are able to manipulate people’s mind in the name of God, but let’s be honest, He gave us a free will, not to manipulate minds but to give us the chance to live a free life, free from conditioning. The meaning of the word occult is: hidden from view. It isn’t something bad, but religions linked the occultism to something negative.

In Europe, for centuries, the Catholic Religion, in the name of the “Inquisition”, was allowed to kill all those who thought differently. That’s the reason why secret societies such as: the Templar Order, the Freemasonry, the Illuminati, were born. They were hiding the old teachings, those which spoke about a God who wasn’t outside, seated somewhere on a throne, ready to judge, but was rather inside of us. In the beginning the mission was full of great intentions, but over time the “Good” has been lost. The triangle is part of the symbology they used to share the message.

Many years ago Anni explained to me the meaning of the triangle:

He said:

“As you know the triangle has three sides and three angles. Now, visualize persons at the angles, like: Alice, Beth and Cathy.

Alice and Beth are friends. Beth is moving from a shared house to a brand new apartment, finally living her independent life. She’s very excited but the moving process is always very stressful. Alice knows how it feels, so she decides to take a day off from work and goes to help her friend. When Alice shows up, Beth can’t believe she’s there. The joy of seeing her fills her heart with love and happiness.

When you act unconditionally, which means without any personal interest but just for the joy of helping someone, then this action produces an energy that, in this case, goes from Alice to Beth. In every action, what counts the most is the intention, so if the intention of helping is pure, this energy will move from one to another.

But, if Alice decides to help her friend because she expects something in return, there is no transfer of energy. The action means nothing to the Universe, because she hasn’t acted altruistically. Since everyone is here on this planet, not for themselves but for “the other” of you, nothing happens when someone acts selfishly!

Beth is very happy, because she has finally moved to her new home. A week later, a huge storm hangs over the city and Cathy, Beth’s old friend, calls her saying she is in the middle of the road because her car suddenly broke down. Beth takes her car and immediately drives to her. The same law as before applies to this case: if Beth does this with an unconditional love, energy will move from her to Cathy.

Because we are all connected, there isn’t just only one triangle but the concept of the Universe is that there are millions of millions of combinations of the triangle. Basically, according to the “the Law of the Triangle”, when you do something without expecting anything in return, you will activate an energy in the Universe which, sooner or later, will come back.

The Universe doesn’t want duties, but you can be sure that It always gives something back.”

In the light of what Anni said, I understood that the system of beliefs attached to religions, especially the Catholic Religion, has let me believe in an interpretation that lies way too far from the truth and therefore it was my duty to change the way I was looking at things.

They say the triangle is a satanic symbol, but I know it talks about God.


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