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Ashwani Bhanot was born into a Dynasty of New Deli Yoga Practitioners, taught by his mother he began practicing as a child. From an early age he became a teacher, first tutoring inmates in prisons around his home region, and soon after giving workshops all over India and abroad. For many years he traveled the world as a Yoga teacher before starting his own School ‘Yoga Omline’ which now has its headquarters in Osnabrück/Germany. Aside from attending to his resident students he continues to offer retreats in the Himalaya region and regularly visits various international Centers as a guest teacher. Having settled in Europe where he started a family, whilst maintaining close ties to his homeland India, Ashwani is one of the foremost experts on the development of Yoga in the West, and offers unique insight into the relationship between the different cultural spheres.

The interview was conducted by Alexander Stipsits.


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Yoga Ashwani Alexander Stipsits CC BY SA 4.0