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Wer scheitert, gewinnt!

Those who fail, ultimately win

According to the motto "It’s not failure that makes us fail!", the ’Junger Senat des Senats der Wirtschaft’( Young Senate of the economy Senat) is hosting a panel discussion, along with manageers, on May 10th, thus bringing to attention one of…

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Brexit header

Brex(Sh)it happens

For many - including myself -  it came as a surprise after all. I went to sleep on Thursday night during the first by-election survey, according to which 52 per cent of Britons supposedly voted for remaining in the EU. The…

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Sahra Wagenknecht: Wealth without greed

On June 13th, 2016 Sahra Wagenknecht talks about her new book: "Wealth without greed - How do we save ourselves from capitalism". The host is Journalist and author Robert Misik. The discussion is held at the Bruno Kreisky Forum for…

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Podiumsdiskussion_Scheitern_MotelOne_SdW - en

It’s not failure that makes us fail!

This is the motto of the panel discussion organized by the young section of the "Senat der Wirtschaft” (senat of economic cooperation) together with manageers, on May 10th at the Motel One, near the Vienna State Opera. About 50 interested persons from…

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State of the Union

State of the union

It was a very illustrious group tonight, discussing the EU’s state and current problems before a relatively small audience. As expected, Britain’s forthcoming referendum (“Brexit” – meaning the termination of Britain’s membership of the European Union) figured prominently.

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Jordan, the kingdom of peace

Jordan – Kingdom of peace?

On May 25, Jordan celebrated the 70th anniversary of its independence. Also, this year marks the hundredth anniversary of the Arab revolution - the revolt of the Arabs against the Ottoman Empire, also called the uprising in the desert. Jordan…

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We must take adventures - in order to know where we truly belong.

We must take adventures!

So here I am, sitting at Incheon Airport in Seoul, waiting for my connecting flight to Vienna. My thoughts are still in Hanoi though, with the many friends that I was able to win in the short time here, and…

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