All articles from August 2016

Stop the Police State-Protection Law

On October 1st in the studio house of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (formerly Semperdepot) a panel discussion organized by AK Vorrat took place, concerning the Police State-Protection Law (Polizeiliches Staatsschutzgesetz PStSG) currently under review.

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Greece – A homegrown Tragedy

  With the following commentaries I don’t intend to deny Greece’s transgressions of the past 40 years in any way. They happened and remain the major cause for today's condition. But contrary to the dominantly published opinion there is another…

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You can lie, but you can't change the truth.

I’m exposing you, lie!

Dear lie, you are quite unpleasant and I do not like you. I am continously falling for you - just like Billions of other people do, as well. But I cannot stand you anymore. So I'm breaking up with you.

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