All articles from August 2016

Our skater community

The Sunday Morning Kids

Namaste, As soon as I complete my studies, in New Delhi (India), I start working in three different companies but don’t feel satisfied. I always feel like I should do something else, something independent, by using my own initiative -…

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View from Bom Jesus

Lost in Portugal

Carina is travelling vor the very first time alone - to Portugal. All her worries and sorrows she had before disappeared, when she arrived in Porto, Sao Bento.

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FlexLean Production Line

Machine tax: is rationalization evil?

Robots, automation and rationalization are once more the topic of discussion. One of the first demands of Chancellor Kern for a "machine tax" is reminiscent of the widespread view, that each machine automatically takes away people's jobs. Moreover, the current,…

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Teneriffa 2016 - 5

From the giants to the Platanos

A discovery tour from the "Gigantes" to the "Platanos" with a criminal descent On our second night, Tom and I took an exploratory walk around the area at the south-west coast of Tenerife. We strolled through "Playa la Arena", "Puerto…

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Better hypothesizing than leaving an empty space.

Do you really know what’s going on?

Lies, truth, self-deceit. The second part of my series is about recognizing how our own experiences can sometimes stand in the way of finding a neutral point to begin our truth-seeking from. As a training, I recommend sharpening your perception in your own living environment. How is your neighbour doing anyway?

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