Be Who You Are

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Sometimes I struggle because there is a fight between who I really am and the version of me that others expect me to be.

When I was in my twenties this inner conflict caused me much pain. I had nobody to ask for advice. I felt so bad and ended up doing some very stupid things and there is still a part of me which regrets those mistakes. To be completely honest, for sure I would have preferred to have behaved differently but those experiences helped me grow and become who I am today.

I cannot turn back time but if there is someone out there longing for those words that nobody told me at that time, here I am now to share them with you.

I wrote in one of my previous articles: “Personality is to face things, not to appear in front of things!” Living life in a way that you are who you really are means you are facing things, while “appearing” means that you are trying to be someone else.

The need of being who you really are is as necessary as air for our lungs. When you act spontaneously, without interferences from the outside, your actions come straight from your Inner Being, from your true personality. If you let your Inner Being manifest itself, it will be magnificent because every decision will be the right one. Every action will be the right one. Every idea will be the right one. Everything around you will become the right and nothing will bring negativity towards you.

A good way to be who you are is to remove hope from within. In fact, without hope nothing causes turmoil. Every journey ends in the deep part of your Inner Being, which is simply: be who you are. Drop hope, abandon desire and just look at what you are. Close your eyes and realize who you are. It can happen in a blink of an eye, it does not take much time. If you start thinking, wishing and hoping, your growth is slowed down because the mind inserts time. In reality you do not need more than a moment.

Always remember that what has to be achieved is already inside of you. You were born perfect because you were born from perfection.

Where there is hope, there is turmoil. Hope feeds dreams. Do not get worried about tomorrow. Tomorrow is born from today and, therefore, there is no need to be afraid. If your today is silently perfect, tomorrow will be even more pleasant because it grows from today. Be present in the moment you are living, at this moment, with this moment and for this moment because now there is no more important thing than this moment.

Always remember that everything the future brings arises from this moment!


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