Grandma’s Last Wishes for Her Children

Grandma's Last Wishes for Her Children

Grandma again had to suffer a lot to save her children after her husband lost his life while working following a snake bite. Often she didn’t eat so that she would have enough to feed her sons; she stayed awake many nights, trying to get her boys to sleep; she always made sure that her children had warm clothing even if she did not and she went begging in order to provide for her children. Since her family was very large, there was always scarcity which led to disputes in Grandma’s family.

(from: Grandma Suffered to Save her Children)

As time and tide wait for no man, slowly the children grew up and became ready to marry. Now Grandma was very old, approaching her final stage of life, and she was very weak and unable to do anything. The roles in Grandma’s family were reversed because now it was the turn of Grandma’s sons turn to look after her.

Grandma had expected a lot from her sons but things didn’t go well for her. In fact Grandma was not as lucky as her children. Her sons didn’t do for her what she had done for them. They would drink and argue often. They didn’t take good care of their own mother, who was slowly being ignored by her own sons. Tears rolled down Grandma’s cheeks, but she didn’t know what to do. After all she was a mother, and no matter how much her sons ignored her and made her cry, she still loved them.

Things became very bad for Grandma after her sons got married because her sons and daughters-in-law started to argue about who should look after Grandma. Now, Grandma didn’t even get food to eat. At this time she missed her dream daughter whom she had once dreamed about having but couldn’t because of the sudden death of her husband.

She never felt at peace as she was always scolded by her daughters-in-law. No son allowed her to stay with him permanently and so she had to move from one son’s home to the next and then to the next. Whenever she got sick, her daughters-in-law got very angry and Grandma had to listen to such things as: “How often can this old devil be so sick? Why doesn’t she go soon? Why doesn’t death come sooner for such burdens?” This was the gift that Grandma was given by the wives of her three beloved sons.

Grandma’s sons and daughters-in-law had everything to give to their children but nothing to give her. This was how Grandma approached the end of her life. Several days, months and years went and Grandma somehow managed to survive. She had nobody and she was lucky that there were no homes for old people at that time as otherwise she would have been sent to one by her sons and daughters-in-law.

Grandma was completely alone and very hurt, but nobody recognised her grief. She was completely alone. Grandma was growing weaker and weaker day by day but her sons and daughters in-law were too busy with their own families to really notice this. Each of them had one daughter.

And finally the day came when Grandma had to leave this world. On this day Grandma asked to see all of her three sons. It was about quarter past nine and Grandma was struggling with her last moments of life but she looked back on both the good and the bad times in her life.

She remembered all the things that she had done for her sons and also what they had done for her. Before taking her last breath, Grandma cursed her sons saying:

I always thought that my sons are my future life. So, I always gave all of you so much love and care. I now think that was a mistake. My love has led to you being irresponsible and you ignored me. I thought that, because I have three sons, you would look after me, especially after your father died so suddenly, leaving me alone. But that didn’t happen. No matter, my sons, I will not let the same thing happen to you. My wish is that you never have sons in your whole life but, if you do, that he never hates or ignores you and your wives.

After saying these words, Grandma took her last breath and closed her eyes for the last time.

My lovely readers, you might be wondering if Grandma’s last wish for her sons came true. Yes, my dears, it happened exactly as Grandma had wished.

The wife of Grandma’s oldest son died a few months after Grandma’s death. He has only one daughter. After the death of his first wife, Grandma’s eldest son took another two wives but neither of them has given birth. After giving birth to seven daughters, the wife of Grandma’s second son became pregnant three times, but she terminated all three pregnancies because all of them were females. Similarly, Grandma’s youngest son has four daughters and one son but the son is both physically and mentally weak. This is how Grandma’s wish for her children came true.

In Grandma’s case, there were three sons who could have looked after her but now who will be there to look after them in their old age? I guess nobody. This story is about loving those who love you and also about loving those who even hate you because after all love is above all things. Also, this story reminds us that a mother’s love is the most pure thing in the whole world and that we should always care for and respect our mothers.


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