My Opinion on the Human Brain


It’s a well known fact that every person has a brain. In fact the brain is the only thing that makes people people – that determines whether people are good or evil. It is also the thing that influences the progress of an individual in his/her life.

For me, if someone asks, “What is the most powerful thing in the world?” I will reply that it’s the human brain because it ultimately decides everything and helps people to achieve their goals.

Without a brain, people would not have discovered most of the wonderful things in today’s world. Either you write an article, invent new software, earn a lot of money, design a new building or discover powerful weapons; in each case you must use your brain. Even today’s computer is the result of our brain. So, without your brain, nothing is possible. The proper use of one’s brain can help an individual to progress well.

Beside these, there are many other wonderful aspects of the brain. It is claimed by some that humans are not able to use even 1% of their brain. So, let’s think what the brain could still do? What might be the full capacity of the brain? How powerful is the human brain? I think that imagining the capacity of the brain is actually beyond the capacity of the brain itself. In my opinion, when people can use the full capacity of their brain, they will ultimately become as knowledgeable and as powerful as God. But, God is God. He is very clever. He has created many other things in this world that do not allow us to use our brains to 100%. Isn’t this very interesting to hear? Yes, obviously it’s a universal fact, a bitter truth and an unrealized reality.

Has anyone even thought about how our brain works ? What are its characteristic features? Why does it not function entirely efficiently? What can we compare the human brain to? At this moment, many images might have come to your mind to compare with the brain.

Regarding the appearance of the brain, most people know about its shape as well as something about its anatomy and physiology. But if I had to find an image of something similar to a brain, I would think of it like an electric bulb. If you have positive thoughts and connections, it will lead you towards brightness but if you have negative thoughts and connections it will lead you towards darkness and towards a life of uncertainty.

Now let’s talk about the characteristics of the human brain. I think our human brain has four special characteristics i.e. positivity, negativity, addition and multiplication. Actually the human brain is like a huge bank of thoughts. In a bank, the process of depositing and withdrawing money is continuous and, in a similar vein, the human brain is a bank where millions of thoughts come and go within a fraction of a second. A bank where there is only addition and multiplication of thoughts, but not subtraction and division. No matter how hard you try, your brain is never going to stop thinking and imagining. All the events that are happening in today’s world are the final results of the thoughts of our brain.

The human brain can also be compared with society’s dustbin. Yes, exactly, you heard right. Don’t you agree with my opinion? No? Okay give me some time and I will try to convince you. You know that many people in society throw garbage in the dustbin daily. You also know that the garbage in the dustbin has to be emptied regularly because if not, it will fill up and the garbage within it will decay and spread an obnoxious odor in the environment which will not let you live healthily.

And exactly like this, the brain is the container and the garbage within it are our thoughts. If the thoughts are like the garbage in a dustbin, negative thoughts in particular stagnate in the brain for a long time, becoming deep rooted in our brain and this may lead to negative results in our personal life and also in society. Therefore, thoughts in the brain need continuous change. However, not all the thoughts in our brain are negative and only the positive thoughts should be given priority.

Every great individual and every object has some weak points and this is also true for the brain. The brain is more negative than positive. You may have noticed this in your own personal life. For example, if you want your brain to forget the girlfriend or boyfriend who betrayed you the most, the brain is instead going to miss him or her the most. This is not only so in the case of relationships but also in many areas of our life. The brain wants to do that which is not allowed. This is merely one example of why we can’t use our brain to 100%. We can consider it as one of the weaknesses of the human brain.

There are many things that distract the human brain. It’s very difficult to control the negative thoughts. All that we need to do in order to prevent the human brain from thinking in a negative manner is to fulfill basic internal desires within our heart. Such basic desires may include food, shelter, and sex and so on.

Therefore, in order to be able to control the human brain, the basic human desires must be fulfilled at any cost. A lack of these things may result in the human brain thinking in a negative manner. All the bad things that are happening in this world may be the consequence of the lack of fulfillment of these basic desires. So, let’s think positively and try to make our world a better place!


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  1. Dear Bravo, please specify where you get these outlandish claims from! Is it supposed to be a provocation?

    1. Dear Alexander, the article broad, there are many things within article, can you specify what are you talking about?