Reincarnation? No, thanks!


In the circle of life, the vision that reincarnation represents is undeniably charming, but personally, it does not convince me. In the past, the idea of having other material lives was comforting because it made me think I could have more opportunities. Of course, it is difficult to say how things are really going to be, but I’ve learned that, by being logical, I can see if something is going to suit me well or not.

My master explained reincarnation to me and other people like this:

“Long time ago, in a town close to Israel, there was a master who talked about past lives. People in need of clarification used to go to this “knowledgeable” person in order to understand the cause of what was happening to them.
A poor man went to this master, who said to the needy man that his present condition of misery was the result of the many sins he had committed in past lives. Now it was the time to atone for his previous actions, because in his past lives he had committed atrocious crimes, like killing innocent children. The poor man went home miserable and desperate.
After a year the poor man went again to the master and brought him a humble gift. The master told him that he had been a master too in one of his past lives and that he had done beautiful things. This time the poor man went home happy.
One year later the poor man came back to visit the master and brought a better gift than the year before. This third time he was told that he had been a great king in a past life.”

The master, in exchange for the gift, was able to tell the poor man who he had been in his previous life. The type of life described depended on what gift the sly master was going to receive. The importance of the life was determined by the greatness of the gift. So this so-called “master”, considered a wise and respected person, in reality, was someone who was taking advantage of his power, convincing a person of something totally unreal and conditioning his life.

It is very dangerous to give information to people in need, to those with health or economic problems, letting them think that their present condition is linked to previous lives. Their situations do not depend on the past lives that they lived; instead, they are the result of a present not listened to.

Why are we born into the material life? For a purpose: to improve ourselves. The Universe itself moves towards evolution through matter. The point of previous lives is lived as an excuse, a way to make people feel guilty about something that it is not real at all and has nothing to do with their present. If the soul and the conscience of a person go into the past, which is a stuck time in the sense that it is a time in which a person is stuck because he or she hasn’t moved on, they cannot evolve. The only way a person can evolve from a blocked situation is through knowledge and awareness because the present act of a soul that compresses itself produces light. This light is the only way to achieve the vision. This is the evolution.

Things induced by an unreal belief do not lead people to an objective growth. Those are words in vain. The story of a past life is a story which everyone must be cautious to tell.  If a person does not want to comprehend the truth and the objectivity of the present moment, he can easily go and listen to a fairy tale regarding his previous lives but he must be aware that this story is an excuse that the mind is making up. It represents, indeed, what blocked this person from not facing the reality of things that he is experiencing in the present moment and from resolving them.

The soul must be let free of its choices, not conditioned. If someone is making mistakes, it is not the result of some sins committed in others lives but it is because the person does not have the possibility to comprehend the responsibility for his actions.

I personally feel that believing in the reincarnation process is an eligibility of my present life.  In the light of what I’ve learned, I’ve decided to live knowing that this material experience is one shot. So I’m able to give more value to my time, to the people I love, to the things I do. I say “No, thanks!” to the belief of coming back, stuck in a perpetual cycle of bodies and lives which I do not objectively remember. What is the point of having experiences and not remembering them? Where is the growth? Evolution loses its intent in the concept of reincarnation.

We all are Spirits on a journey to know ourselves. There is no purpose in learning things and forgetting them, no purpose in being born and dying all over again.


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