Rungs of Wisdom

Rungs of Wisdom
In the 27 years that I have spent on this planet earth, I have been trying to find a deeper meaning in life. I guess that I haven’t learned so much yet but I would still like to share my thoughts with my readers through my article.

In my last article, I wrote about some unfortunate kids (we used to call them Sunday Morning Kids) who we try to give a better opportunity to grow as decent human beings with a good heart and a better understanding of the world. So here in Delhi (the capital of India) we are doing our best to gather and use some of our positive energy to bring about something positive in society, regardless of how small this change may ultimately be.

Our community may not know much about many things but we are good at one thing and that is skateboarding.

We started to teach skateboarding to kids, providing space and ambiance, as well as our open heart and arms. But this article is not about the methods we use, it’s more about why we do it, from where we get the feeling to do it, what is the source of generating such a positive attitude towards doing something good in the world.

I think everyone has a feeling sometime that they would like to do something good in this world; possibly for the environment, for animals or maybe for society in general – it could be minor or major, but in order to develop this positive feeling within ourselves, we require knowledge and teaching, some kind of catalyst or fuel which may have 100 other names but the element will be the same.

Most of the time it is nature which teaches us slowly, but books, religious teachings or anything else can also help us to reach the next level. Different terms can be used to express this level but we tend to use “big” words to make it look like something special, for example: enlightenment, self actualization or, simply put, just a better understanding of good human behaviour and human nature or just being a good and fair human being to ourselves and to others.

The title of this article is ” RUNGS OF WISDOM”. Rungs stands for pieces of wood or metal that are used as a step to climb up higher and higher. Wisdom means knowledge of what is proper or reasonable, good sense or judgement.

The growth of anything is slow and steady. Any action or way of thinking develops to a greater level by taking small and progressive steps toward it. All of these small steps taken consciously or unconsciously are like an accumulation of small bricks, together making a stairway to the imaginary castle of dreams. In saying all of this I don’t wish to say that I understand everything but I merely try to say what I have experienced so far through the power of thoughts in life.

Even Buddha speaks extensively about the Power of Thoughts in life. He says that your thoughts have to be right in order to have Right Understanding. Right Understanding means learning about oneself and others and gradually being able to see the world as it really is, moment to moment, without preconception, expectations or false imagination.

Usually a little “understanding” gives birth to a million thoughts in a very short period of time, taking the person to a state of trance where there are no boundaries of time and space, where the body of human beings is merely just an audience watching the collision of thoughts, like fireworks in a huge black sky. This exclusive entertainment show can last for seconds, hours or even more and induce different expressions and emotions on one’s face, which can be comparable to one orgasm after another. This process is very enjoyable for the mind as it feels like a chemical reaction between neurons and sometimes it deprives one of basic motor skills of the body, which on the other hand helps to gain more WISDOM.

Most human beings have this feeling that they would like to share their thoughts and I think we should because it plays an important role in correcting yourself and spreading good as well. The words coming out of our mouth should be wise and right as they reflect our inner self and they are the physical form of our internal virtual world.

When I was a little kid, I use to talk a lot and most of my words were not very pleasant to hear so my mother made me understand that I should not speak unnecessary and bad words because whatever we speak, it is a kind of energy impulse that we are transmitting in the universe. The words we speak are a type of energy that keeps rotating in the space around us and also in the universe and creates an ambiance for others and us. We know that energy can be neither created nor destroyed; it can only be transformed to one form or another so I guess it is always better to transmit more positive energy than negative vibes to the universe.

Finally, I would like to say that I learn from the people around me, mostly my friends, from the words they speak, the way they behave and I usually try to absorb and filter what is good in what they say and neglect what is bad. There are one or two friends who mostly speak against me and I consider them to be the greatest teachers. I think the world around us is the greatest classroom we can ask for in life.

And everyone around us is a teacher in some way or the other and we have to play the role of good students as well as the best teacher at the same time. This is my message and I hope you understand. I wish you happy Learning in Life, take care and thank you for your time.


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