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Greece – A homegrown Tragedy

  With the following commentaries I don’t intend to deny Greece’s transgressions of the past 40 years in any way. They happened and remain the major cause for today's condition. But contrary to the dominantly published opinion there is another…

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Those right-wing agitators are destroying this dictatorial EU!

Politicians habitually carry decisions on the European level and then return home to take credit for all that went well, while conveniently blaming the EU for all that didn't . This deepens the idea that this EU is at best useless, and at worst a dictatorship. If the European idea is to work, we need to feel part of it, which can only happen with a lot more transparency, congruity and honesty.

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State of the Union

State of the union

It was a very illustrious group tonight, discussing the EU’s state and current problems before a relatively small audience. As expected, Britain’s forthcoming referendum (“Brexit” – meaning the termination of Britain’s membership of the European Union) figured prominently.

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