The Inner Way

Diego-Delso-Seljalandsfoss Watterfall in Iceland
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Religions are born with the intent of explaining spirituality, as a way to achieve the Divine, but of course they are not the only way. In this path of knowledge, there are people who are instinctively predisposed to believe in the existence of something Divine, while other people, who are more materialistic, can only get there after they have had proof.

Some ways are not better than others, there are millions of ways to get to God and every single one is good because what counts the most is the destination.

For skeptics, it is necessary to pass through the inner way, because the true project of a life’s experiences that each one intends to do, is only hidden in the depth of our inner self. The inner being has to contemplate inside of a personal experience, not a collective one. So when I say “personal inner being”, I refer to something that everyone has, and it is not necessary to demonstrate it, but only to observe it.

A general concept of inner being is a definition that does not teach us anything, at the most it can give us an idea, but the comprehension of our own inner being opens the door to other spiritual principles.

The problem of living in a materialist society is that references to the comprehension of things of the Spirit are few. Most people live with the idea that if they are not able to see something, this means that it does not exist. So if they don’t see God, equals God does not exist.

Let us start from the premise that we decided to face this journey called “life” because we wanted to experiment with the material experience, that within a body.

We are not the body, we are the Spirit inside a body. The Spirit needs the body, needs the matter, otherwise it would not be incarnated.

The Spirit needs this biological body because it is only through the body that it can turn material experiences into spiritual experiences. The experience develops into spiritual experiences when the material experience becomes part of our personality, bringing it to our inner being, therefore into the Spirit Itself.

To allow an experience to enter, you must comprehend it, otherwise you leave it outside of you, but the reason you wanted to experience it is because you have to know it.

This all brings us to an apparently simple, but yet, in reality, extremely difficult awareness: “know Thyself”. This is the inscription written on the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, in Greece. All the great thinkers and philosophers of our time, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Emmanuel Kant, Jiddu Krishnamurti, and religious believers such as Saint Augustine, spoke about the importance of knowing yourself.

Personally, I first heard “know Thyself” from my spiritual master around eight years ago and it took me two years until I had a vague understanding of the meaning of this. I am still in the process of deeply understanding the essence of it, because it isn’t easy to understand who we are.

I can’t suggest my answer to you. The right answer for me belongs to me, not to others. This is the big game of life. Actually, it is the key to awareness.

As I already said, it is important to look at the experiences we make, understand them deeply, and discover the impact they have had in our own lives. When we have realized this, we understand how to live the present.


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Diego-Delso-Seljalandsfoss Watterfall in Iceland Diego-Delso-Seljalandsfoss Watterfall in Iceland Diego Delso CC BY-SA 4.0