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Mourning after the death of a loved one

Mothers do not go anywhere …

Carina Toma is a young lady from Romania. Her very first story with Idealism Prevails is about the death of her beloved Mom. But she does not cry - she laughs. For her Mom. This is a moving Story immensly touching our hearts.

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Hence with the Burqua – bring the headscarf? Why we must defend the enlightenment’s values

The provision for women, to keep themselves completely covered at all times is an insult to both sexes. Men, in this world view, are considered to be weak willed and instinct driven - much like they used to be in our own history, when women were considered as sultry seductresses and a great danger to men's ability to follow the right path.. Since then, we have come a long way and need to defend the ground we've won.

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On our way

Mount Everest: First trekking day

Last time I was telling you about the long trip to the Mount Everest Base. In this second part we finally start the trek! It is strenious and and struggle with powers but we can manage. What is all happening from the villages Phablu till Nunthala you can read now. Enjoy.

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Angry black men

This year, the term 'angry white men' can be found in the media quite often, especially in connection with the voters of the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. The men who have lost their jobs, their reputation or their status, or…

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Natural ressources from conflict areas

Conflict minerals. A term which has gradually made its way into the media as well as the heads of many consumers, since the turn of the millenium - especially through reports about the conditions in the Congo and the involvement of international corporations in the ocurring clashes. The

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Those right-wing agitators are destroying this dictatorial EU!

Politicians habitually carry decisions on the European level and then return home to take credit for all that went well, while conveniently blaming the EU for all that didn't . This deepens the idea that this EU is at best useless, and at worst a dictatorship. If the European idea is to work, we need to feel part of it, which can only happen with a lot more transparency, congruity and honesty.

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