Awaken the Goddess in You


Shiva is the sun and Shakti is the moon and because of their UNION and their infinite Consciousness the whole manifested world springs.

I am currently in the Himalayas and today is a special night, it is the night of the full moon.

As you may know, the different lunar phases have some special and triggering effects on life on earth and on the earth itself; one of these phenomenon is known as “tidal force” where the moon affects large bodies of water such as the ocean. Many studies show that these special full moon nights have a strong impact, mostly on women, regarding sexual energy or desire, moods and reproductive tendencies.

On this powerful night I decide to attend a gathering for women; I really don’t know what it is about but I am slightly curious. When I made the decision to go, I had no idea that it was going to be one of the weirdest and most interesting experiences ever …

I enter a hall and about 40 women are already sitting there. The room has a mellow light, with one or two candles and the smell of incense sticks is in the air. Initially we start with meditation and meditative dancing with our eyes closed. Slowly it is getting more intense and it really feels like “dance like no one is watching”. The course leader explains in a very calm and soothing voice that we have to awaken the Goddess in us. The idea is to awaken Shakti, the Goddess of Yoga.

Shakti also means power or empowerment and she is the wife of Shiva – the God of destruction and the God amongst the Gods. Shakti manifests herself in different forms, for example as the Goddess Kali, who some believe is the Goddess of death and destruction whereas others say she is the bringer of strength, fierce love and untamed freedom, or as Goddess Durga who is the inaccessible or the invincible.

After our dancing session we are asked to choose a partner, to sit down with them and to look into each other’s eyes without speaking. It sounds very easy but if you have ever done this, you will know that it’s not. Honestly it is so difficult, because it feels like you are looking directly into the soul of the other person, you really really SEE the person, the beauty but also the dark side.

You have probably heard the expression “the eyes are the gateway to the soul”. Indeed, it couldn’t have been expressed in a better way because it is exactly like this.

While I am doing this experiment with my partner I start to feel a very strong aura or energy all around me. It is the same feeling that I felt earlier today when I saw His Holiness the Dalai Lama for the very first time. I felt like seeing God. Actually in Indian culture it is said and believed that everyone has God inside them and, because of this belief, they also use the greeting Namasté – as it literally means “I bow in front of the God within you”.

Now it is time to open up in a different way and ask each other two “simple“ questions “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” and “What would you do if you completely loved yourself?”.

Each person in the pair has to speak freely for five minutes without being interrupted. You can literally feel the emotions in the air, tears are flowing and voices are rising. It is very interesting to hear that so many people would do something completely different if they weren‘t afraid. Are you one of them? What would you do?

Then we start sharing one thing we want to get rid off and one thing we want to invite in. It is very interesting since I am sitting there with complete strangers and everyone around me starts sharing very deep things about their life, things you wouldn’t normally share with anyone, not even with those closest to you. But everyone is feeling so comfortable to talk about these things here, among strangers, and I ask myself: Why?

Towards the end, things become even more interesting: we form groups of four people, one person has to lie down, and the others have to massage her gently with essential oils and whisper nice things into her ears. Then we switch roles. When it is my turn, the course leader instructs us to just let go, let go of the guilt to receive. Many people, including me, feel “guilty” about receiving and it is much easier to give. Have you ever experienced this? Initially I am very tense and feel strange but as soon as I let go and relax, it is a beautiful experience …

I stand up and shout out loudly “I empower the divine Goddess within me and let go of…

I know this may sound very weird for many of you, and honestly I can’t even blame you because if I had read such an article before this experience, I would have thought about it in a strange way as well. But I have learnt that in so many things you can either be the person thinking about it in a strange way and maybe also judging it or you can be part of it and experiencing it.

Being the second person is much better, because after all LIFE is an EXPERIENCE and since it is something new, why not try it out? For those of you who wonder if there was any psychoactive substances involved at this meeting the answer is NO. It was not even something sexual, it was just a gathering of women, coming together and empowering themselves by awakening their GODDESS.

Overall it was a good and very different experience and I am glad I choose to be part of it. I delved into a mysterious world, a world we like to call esoteric; many people judge it, but how can you really judge something you don’t know anything about? You can’t.

So what do you think? Are you one of the courageous, open and curious souls out there and dare to delve into this mystical world? Are you ready to find out one or two things about yourself and about the divine within you?


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00-Fullmoon night Isabel Scharrer CC BY-SA 4.0
Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Isabel Scharrer CC BY-SA 4.0
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Discussion (2 Comments)

  1. Isabel, I loved the article. It spoke to the deepest parts of my heart and soul. Since moving to Tampa, Florida I have looked Goddess baaed teaching / experience group, but no luck. Everyone wants to do events online. I miss the interaction from my former woman’s Native America spirituality group. Suggestions?

    1. Dear Paula, thank you so much for your comment, it means a lot <3. My suggestion would be to create your own group. Doing it online and actually experiencing it in a goup is a VERY different experience and I think this should be something which is done only in a group otherwise it looses the essence. So, grap some friends and they invite other friends, choose a room, create a nice ambience and start 🙂 I can suggest one book from Sally Kempton " Awakening Shakti" . Let me know how it goes and all the best luck