The Vision of the Spirit


It is very difficult to explain a topic such as the Spirit. Once I was told a story that helped me to understand it. Now I would like to share this with you:

Imagine a sea, an endless sea. A sea which extends so far that you are not able to see the end.

The Spirit always watches over the horizon and sometimes He finds someone or something that gives him vision. His vision is not seen with the eyes but it expresses itself through the love of the Everything.

Occasionally the Spirit sees a strip of land far away on that horizon because it is not just water that surrounds us. The closer He gets to it, the more beautifully outstanding the land appears. So He moves forwards to touch it. After contemplating this land for a while, He realizes how special it is and makes it His home. He learns about what that place and that time have to offer and, when He feels that He has fulfilled that experience, He moves somewhere else.

The deepest desire of the Spirit is to move forward because He always wants to discover something new.

So He stays on the seashore meditating. He waits until something emerges. He remains calm when suddenly a signal arrives. In that moment He changes because He has a new vision beyond the sea, beyond things he already knows. This new vision brings Him to another place, to a new land, with different things and with different people …

Every time that the Spirit receives new information and gains new experiences, they all come from the heart.

The sea is the journey of the Spirit into the life of the matter, the strip of land is a new experience while the Spirit is our real essence which needs to make that experience.

One day this journey will finish because you have decided that it is time to come back home. What will you bring in your Eternity? Only what you have lived with your heart. All the events that have helped you to grow and to know who you really are.


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