I Too Have a Dream

Ich habe auch einen Traum

A famous current writer of Nepal, Subin Bhattarai in his well-known noble book, “Saya” wrote, “After all, only the dream which is seen becomes real, the dream which is not seen has neither shape nor a possibility to become real“. And I think it’s nice to see and have a dream.

It is also said that dreams have their own importance, role, logic and meaning in every individual’s real life. People say that our thoughts are the real plans and nobody can deny the fact that our thoughts are the dreams that people see day and night.

In 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. said that he had a dream and today the whole world knows about his dream, what his dream was and how his dream came true. This has become one of the greatest sources of inspiration for millions of people all over the world.

People always say dream for the moon – it doesn’t matter if you fail; if you do, you will fall among the living stars on earth.

So, our dreams, goals or destinies should always be great, actually beyond our imagination and limitations.

William Arthur Ward, also a writer, once said, “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it and if you can dream it, you can become it“.

I think to have a dream, goal, mission or destiny in life makes you one of the sensible human beings on this planet. It’s the proof that you are one of the responsible people within a community or society with some missions or goals in life.

I don’t know the exact name of the writer, but I remember reading somewhere on a poster that, “Destiny is not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice, it’s not a thing to be waited for, it’s a thing to be achieved“. So, I know to make my dreams come true, I have to reach that summit of the destiny of my dreams. And that is why, today, here, I want to share my thoughts with you and say that, “I Too Have a Dream” and I want to make that dream come true.

Yes, I too have a dream. Actually, I have a dream to work for my society. I have a dream to work for the poor and helpless people in Nepal. I have a dream to spread the smile of happiness among all people in Nepal especially those who are in trouble and suffering. To fulfill this, my entire dream, I have a dream to open a national foundation or organization in Nepal that will especially work for the poor, women, children, the helpless, the marginalized and disadvantaged groups of people who live in the most rural and remote areas of Nepal. The focus of the service which I want to provide to the poor and helpless people will be on health and education in particular . As there are many health problems in remote areas of Nepal, I dream of helping those people by providing a quality health service from the foundation I dream of establishing in State No. 6 in Nepal.

One day I was chatting with Isabel Scharrer on Telegram and we began to talk about our personal goals and dreams in life. During the chat, I told Isabel about my future dream to open a foundation in Nepal to help the poor and helpless people living in remote areas of Nepal.

Isabel told me that she thought this was a very good idea in a poor country like Nepal and asked me to write an article and share my detailed plan, proposal, aim, vision, mission and goal of the foundation that I wanted to open. She also asked me to share the idea with “Idealism prevails” and the whole world so that everybody could see it.

So, today, in this article, I am going to share some ideas and information about my future dream foundation.

Let me begin. The name of my foundation will be, “BRAVO AATMA FOUNDATION” and the short form will be “B.A.F.O”. The main theme of the foundation or motto will be, “Be brave to serve”. The vision of “B.A.F.O” will be “Healthy People in a Healthy World” i.e. B.A.F.O will envision a healthy world with healthy people.

The foundation will have three major goals in its working areas i.e. to provide quality health services, especially to pregnant mothers and children, to assist helpless people and empower them and to provide quality education to children.

From the above three major goals of BAFO, it is clear that BAFO will especially work for women, children and education in the health sector of Nepal. To achieve the above three major goals, the foundation will continue working until the objectives are met.

The foundation will have three major specific activity mission programs to meet the target goals of the foundation i.e. Mission for Mothers (M4M) program, Helping Hands for the Helpless (HH4H) program and Education for Everybody (E4E) program.

Being based on these three programs, BAFO will try to contribute to the health sector of Nepal. In particular, BAFO will try to improve maternal health conditions and the educational status of the country. In Nepal there are 16 major remote districts which are officially declared the most remote areas of Nepal by the Government of Nepal. Among them, six districts are in State No. 6 of Nepal.

BAFO will work in these six major remote districts of State No. 6  i.e. the Rukum, Jajarkot, Humla, Jumla, Dolpa and Mugu districts of Nepal. The proposal that will be submitted to different donor agencies all over the world will be for these three major programs, i.e. M4M Program, HH4H Program and E4E Program.

Maternal health service, emergency health service, social service and education will be the core principal areas in which BAFO will work.

A brief description of the three major principle programs of BAFO is given below.

Mission for Mothers (M4M) Program

M4M program is the program that is especially designed for pregnant mothers and neonatal children. With this program, BAFO will provide health education to mothers regarding safe motherhood, safe delivery and safe rearing and caring of children. The second thing that BAFO will do via this program is to provide an emergency helicopter service for pregnant mothers with complicated deliveries so that we can save the lives of both mothers and children and hence lower the maternal mortality rate and infant mortality rate in Nepal.

The service that the helicopter provides to the pregnant mothers at risk will be called, “On the Spot Service (OTSS)”. To call the helicopter, there will be an “OTSS Toll Free Number” so that everybody can call the helicopter for free.

Later, within the framework of this program, OTSS Centres will be established in all associated districts where BAFO works to facilitate the public’s access to OTSS and BAFO too. The major goal of the M4M program will be to provide quality maternal health services and to play a major role in helping the Nepalese government to sustain Zero Home Delivery (0 HD), Zero Maternal Mortality (0 MM) and Zero Infant Mortality (0 IM) in those areas where BAFO will work.

Helping Hands for Helpless (HH4H) Program
It’s a well-known fact that Nepal is a poor country. There are large numbers of poor, helpless, marginalized and disadvantaged groups in Nepal.

The HH4H program will especially work for these groups of people. It will advocate for their rights, help them to identify available local resources, provide them with technical training, capacity building training and so on, in order to self-empower people and generate a source of income for future generations. In Nepal we have an unlimited amount of resources such as water, forests, a high agricultural potential, fish farming, poultry farming, etc. but, due to the lack of technical knowledge and education, people are not able to conduct business in these areas in a systematic and scientific way.

Therefore, the technical programs are very important for these groups of people in Nepal. Besides this, the HH4H program will also support the disabled, the handicapped and orphans for the advocacy of their rights, education and their livelihood.
Education for Everybody (E4E) program:

The Education for Everybody program will particularly focus on quality education for children up to the 12th “standard”,  i.e. up to the age of 18, in Nepal.

Since education in Nepal is not free, the E4E program will provide scholarships to children who come from very poor and helpless families.

Actually poor families in Nepal send their children into domestic work or into income-generating activities such as washing dishes, clothes, working as slaves, etc. instead of sending them to school. Besides this, to increase the access and quality of education, the E4E program will help to construct schools in the most remote areas of Nepal where BAFO will work. The main aim of the E4E program will be to support the Nepalese government to achieve a 100% literacy rate in Nepal and also to make education available to females as the girls in the remote areas of Nepal are still not allowed to go school.

So, ultimately, this is my dream – to serve the poor and helpless people via my own foundation. I know there is not a holier or more noble deed than serving others.

Every religion instructs us to serve. I know that the satisfaction that people get from helping others is the greatest satisfaction that we will ever experience. Therefore, to fulfill my dream, I will struggle all my life.

I will do whatever I need to do. It is said that where there is a will, there is a way and that any journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step. It is not important that it is only a negligible amount, but I have already started to deposit 25% of my earnings for the foundation so that I can add the bricks to construct the castle of my dream foundation.

It is also said that if you want change, you have to begin with yourself. And I am prepared to dedicate my life to this foundation. I am writing this article now to let the whole world know that I am now beginning with the preparatory work – contacting various organizations and donor agencies who will help me to make my dream come true.

Within a year, I will have an official website for the foundation so that everybody can view it and help me with donations. I would also like to request all readers and “Idealism prevails” to support me if  you like my ideas and work.

In this article I have only provided a brief overview of my dream foundation, but more information will follow soon.

This is my dream. This is the dream that I dream both day and night. This is the dream that gives me sleepless nights and dreamy days. And when I do sleep, I dream about my foundation to serve the helpless people. And I hope to get the support of different agencies so that one day my dream will come true. Thank you…!


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