The Path to Love is often Long

Traingle Love

Oh My God, I was so happy that day. That night I firmly believed that within 24 hours Aashika would start to be attracted to me and fall in love with me as Jhankri had said she would.

(from: The Day My Wife Left Me Alone with Her)

Next morning I woke up full of hope. I thought she would speak first with me, smile at me but nothing like this happened. Days passed, months passed and finally two years but I still couldn’t make her mine.

The time arrived when my sister-in-law had to leave our apartment. Finally, on 12 June, 2016, she moved out and returned to her home. I was totally devastated by her departure. But my wish to make her mine did not die. A few months later, I heard she had gone to Pokhara for her bachelor’s study.

I knew that I had only one reason to live, and that was her. I started to make a plan to go to Pokhara and even decided to look for a new job at colleges in Pokhara.

Finally, after two months of trying, I was given an opportunity to teach at Lakeside Valley College in Pokhara. Around the same time, one month before, my wife had got a job at the Panchakanya Lower Secondary School, in Kusma Bazar. I told her that I had been offered a teaching position in Pokhara with a much better salary – almost 45% more than what I had been earning – and the possibility to stay in a hostel. I told my wife that I would also look for a job for her there and, once I had settled in there, she could join me. I was finally able to convince her to agree and I left for Pokhara for my new teaching job.

I knew that Aashika was staying at a hostel for girls and I decided to seek it out. I found it easily because her parents had told me her address when they sent us some money to give to her. In Pokhara I only had two tasks: to teach at the college there and to make Aashika mine. Since I was living the life of a single man in Pokhara, I started to call Aashika.

Previously, when Aashika had been living with us, it was not possible to talk to her on our mobile phones because we were both living in the same flat and my wife was with me so often. For the first few days she didn’t even pick up her phone when I called. Then, I started to text her. I told her I would love her like an angel. I would treat her like a queen. One day, after many text messages, she replied to my text, writing that she thought that everything I had been writing was a lie. I immediately called her and I could not believe my ears when she actually picked up the phone.

This was the first time that I had ever spoken to Aashika on the phone.

After this first call, we started to have voice calls every day. Slowly but surely, Aashika was beginning to feel attracted to me. We used to spend long hours, both day and night, talking on the phone.

One day I suggested that we meet at David’s Cafe at Lekhnath Chowk, Pokhara and she agreed. Before I met her, I went shopping and bought a gift for her. As I provided that gift to her, she was so happy to get gift from me. Now she was almost like my girlfriend.

Finally one day, she agreed to be my wife but she was so worried about her sister, thinking about how she would react to this news. But whenever she mentioned this problem, I told her not to think about it and that I would manage to convince my wife – and her sister – to accept this new development. I also reminded her that younger sister-in-laws are called half-wives according to our old Nepali traditional saying. I told her that because she and her sister both have the same mother, I knew that, after some time, they would be okay with each.

By this time, Aashika and I were meeting more regularly and much more often. Every time I met her, I took her at least one new gift. We were seeing each other almost every day. One day I suggested that we get married. But, she refused my proposal, saying that she had to concentrate on her exams, which she would have to sit soon. I told her that I understood and that I was prepared to wait for her. Finally, after 12 days, her exams were over and on 10 October 2016, we got married in the Vindibasani Temple in Pokhara and started to live together.

After having been married to Aashika for about one month, I told Ashmita to come to Pokhara. When she arrived, I told her that I had married her own sister. She was extremely disappointed with me and she went back to her maternal home. For about three months, she didn’t speak to me at all but, because they were sisters from the same family, they looked for a way to deal with the situation. Their parents and I spoke to them both and after three months Ashmita returned to Pokhara and we all started living together.

More than one year has passed since I got married to Aashika. We now live together and everything is fine. We have a positive home environment. Eight months ago, on 7 January, 2017, Aashika gave birth to a baby girl. Now there are five members in my family: two wives, one son, one daughter and me. I am living happily with my two wives. Although sometimes I get into trouble with my two wives but I can deal with that. I know this is the result of having two wives who are sisters.

This is how I live my life now and the story of how I ultimately got married to the second love of my life. I only did this because I was so desperately in love with the younger sister of my own wife – but please don’t try this in your own life.


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