When She Started to Live With Us


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When my wife and I got married, her family did not celebrate with us because of economic differences between our families and it was only later that I met her family members. One day I arrived home from work and saw to my surprise a beautiful woman standing on our balcony. I found myself very curious to find out who this wonderful woman was so I went upstairs and followed her.

When I went into the kitchen, the girl greeted me saying, “Namastea Bhinaju“, with an electrifying smile on her face. Namastea in Nepali is a greeting for someone who is your senior and Bhinaju refers to the husband of an older sister. What, she was my younger sister-in-law? I was totally surprised.

Now that she was before me, I remember that my wife had described how beautiful her sister was many times. She had told me that her sister looked like an angel. Because of this, from the moment that I had been told about her, somewhere deep in my heart, I had a wish to see her.

After a long moment of silence, I replied, saying “Namastea, Sali. How are you and when did you arrive?“, as if I had known her for a long time. Sali in Nepali refers to younger sister-in-law. She replied saying, “I am good Bhinaju, and I just came today.” “Oh I see,” I replied and this exchange was followed once again by some seconds of silence. That evening, the three of us, my wife, her sister and I, had a lot to talk about. My wife wanted to find out what had been happening at her home, about any changes that had occurred, about her relatives, neighbours, her friends etc.

I think we talked until after midnight and went to bed very tired. Sali went to her room and my wife and I to our own room. My wife chatted a little with me but within a few minutes she was sound asleep. However, I simply couldn’t fall asleep that night – I tried my best, but I couldn’t. I just spent the night changing positions in the hope of finding one where I could fall asleep. Since then, that day my days started to change.

The next day in the morning, when I opened my eyes, my wife was not with me in our bed. I only saw my son fast asleep. I thought she had already got up as usual. As I looked at the clock on the wall, I saw it was already half past seven. Because I thought I was late, I got up quickly and immediately went to the bathroom, rubbing my eyes in an attempt to open them.

As I was approaching the bathroom, the door suddenly opened, and all I could see was a woman in front of me who simply took my breath away. Her wonderful wet skin, decorated with shining drops of water, her wet black hair that scattered drops of water towards me like a shower as she moved her head, her sexy figure which reminded me of a coca-cola bottle, the perfume from her body which drew me to her like a magnet, and her electrifying looks – everything about her captured my heart totally. In fact she made me feel quite crazy. She looked as if she had recently taken a shower.

Suddenly, a sound interrupted my thoughts, “Good morning, Bhinaju!” This brought me back to the here and now and I realized that she was my Sali. I wished her a good morning back with a slow voice and a gentle smile and went into the bathroom. I soon heard Ashmita (my wife) calling me for breakfast which I had with my son as he woke up at the same time. Ashmita had prepared some bread and tea for breakfast. I was just about to take a piece of bread and tea, again Aashika (my sister-in-law) entered the kitchen and asked me, “How did you sleep last night Bhinaju? Can we talk about my future college today? What college do you think would be good for me?

I knew that if we spent some time together, I would be fully engrossed with her and wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else.

We began to talk about her future studies and where she could go. Finally we decided that Aashika should study at the Fishtail Mountain College, as it was near our apartment and also cheap from an economic point of view. Three days later, Aashika started college. From then on, we would walk together because we both had to walk in the same direction to get to our colleges – mine was about a further 15 minute-walk away from hers.

Gradually and day by day she started to steal my heart. I was slowly beginning to forget myself. I was even being irresponsible towards my family.

Since Aashika had arrived in Kusma Bazar, I promise I had never had a good night’s sleep. My mind was not working properly. There was only one thing on my mind and that was how to make Aashika my wife forever. If I couldn’t have her, I thought that this would almost kill me. Although the three of us all lived in the same home, I felt that something within me was incomplete and time and again, I heard a voice inside me telling me that I should make Aashika mine for forever. Otherwise I would not be able to live.

I had reached a stage where my mind was fully occupied by her. I finally made a decision to marry her, but how? How could this be possible? Would she accept me? Would she be prepared to marry the husband of her own sister?

By this time, Aashika had recognised my true feelings towards her and stopped talking to me as she had before but my wife, Ashmita, had no idea about my attraction towards her sister. I think she couldn’t even begin to imagine the depth of my feelings towards her sister. She was simply busy bringing up our 18-month-old son and taking care of her household activities.

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