In Kusma Bazar I Felt a Different Kind of Desire

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This is the story of events which had a great impact on my life. It’s the story of almost one quarter of my life if I calculate my life span from the beginning. The setting for these events is Kusma Bazar, the headquarters of the Parbat district in Nepal. Nowadays if I look back and remember what happened, I think it was just a dream, actually an unusual dream that came true. 

Four years ago I had an affair with a girl whom I later married. My wife and I were working at the same school, the Janakalyan Secondary School. The school is located in Arthar village of the Parbat district. Arthar village in Parbat district is one of the most remote tourist areas from where you can see the beautiful Pokhara valley, Nepal. I was a science teacher and my wife was an English teacher. While working at the same school, and because we shared the same profession, thoughts, some feelings, we gradually noticed that we were attracted to each other. We really began to understand each other.

As time passed, we became increasingly closer to each other and we fell in love. After seven intense months, we decided to get married. Before our wedding, I wanted my wife to inform her parents of the forthcoming event, but she insisted that her parents would not be at all ready to hear this news. So, finally we did get married but our marriage was not accepted by my wife’s family. Although we belonged to the same caste, our marriage was not accepted because my wife’s family was wealthier than mine.

Three years ago in 2014 I completed my M.Sc. i.e. a first class Master’s Degree in Science. I decided to move to Kusma Bazar with my family because I had been offered a job as a lecturer at the Himalayan White House College, one of the best colleges in Kusma Bazar and the entire Parbat district. Another reason for moving to Kusma Bazar was that my sister-in-law (younger than my wife) was also moving there to study and it had been decided that she would live with us.

On the last day of May, my mother-in-law came to visit us at our home in Arthar village because at that time my wife had just given birth to a baby boy. She came to look after her daughter during and after her delivery. She was the only member I knew from my wife’s family. Although I was her son-in-law, I have to say that I was not as lucky as others because my wife’s family did not love me at all and I felt the pain of this in my heart.

At this time I told my mother-in-law that if, I successfully completed my master’s degree, I would have the opportunity to move to Kusma Bazar to teach and to live there. In response, my mother-in-law told me that her youngest daughter was about to complete her secondary education and she asked me if we could help her. We told her that naturally we would help. In fact, she wanted her youngest daughter to live with us in Kusma Bazar, so that we would be able to look after her and she could also study in a better place and at a well-established college.

On 22 June, 2014 we moved to Kusma Bazar. Everything was normal and going fine. We had found some accommodation in the Modi street of Kusma Bazar. Our apartment had four rooms and was situated on the second last floor of the building. We had one bedroom for my wife and I, a kitchen, a room for my wife’s sister and a further room which we decided to use as a guest room. Within a few days we had put all the furniture in the rooms and decorated them all except the room for my wife’s sister because she hadn’t arrived yet. We were just waiting for her arrival. I had already started working at the college as a lecturer.

Everything – my work at the college, the students and colleagues there – was going really well for me. To be honest, life was running like a smooth and clear river which was unstoppable.

I think it must have been nine days after I had started working at the Himalayan White House College when, on approaching our apartment, I noticed a girl standing on the balcony of our flat. She was simply walking around the balcony. It was only when I got closer to the building that I noticed how utterly beautiful the girl was. She appeared to be the perfect example of a beautiful woman from every angle. “Who might she be?” I thought to myself. When she saw me looking at her, she turned around and went back into our apartment. I thought she might be one of my wife’s friends who had simply come to visit her. She had an appealing body that would easily attract all of someone’s eyes, heart, mind and soul towards it. I really don’t want to describe how beautiful her face was as otherwise you would be blown away like a piece of cotton from her beauty.

Now that I had seen this girl, I experienced a multitude of emotions in my heart. Actually, I had lost some of my senses and I promise that this was only due to her mere presence. I realized that I was very curious to find out more about her but I also felt somehow afraid – because a new kind of desire had filled my heart, my mind, my soul. After I got changed, I went into the kitchen and there was that girl. As soon as she saw me, she greeted me, saying “Namastea Bhinaju“, with an electrifying smile on her face.

Stay tuned for the next part, “When She Started to Live With Us”

To be continued …


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