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Kazakhstan, Ukraine and the NATO-Russia talks

In this conversation with political science professor Gerhard Mangott we analyze the protests in Kazakhstan and revisit the political standoff between Russia and Ukraine. We take a look at the ongoing Russia-NATO talks on the Ukraine crisis and discuss why the EU is not taken seriously as a politcial player by Russia and the USA.

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The New Silk Road – the prerequisites

In the first part about the New Silk Road its dual concept was presented. This time it is all about theoretical and practical requirements for this project. The surprise coup In China's ambitious plans, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), founded in…

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New Silk Road – the concept

In October 2013 China's President Xi Jinping presented the new Vision ‘One belt, one road’: an unprecedented and far-reaching project for the coming decades, which will change more than only the Chinese world. It is an advancement of initiatives of Deng Xiaoping,…

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